HMS Warrior (1860)

Warrior view - stern
HMS Warrior: section drawing - Stephen Ortega, School of Illustration, Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design
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Welcome to Warrior!

As you step on board this sleek, black battleship, you enter another world - the world of the Victorian sailor. The aim of the Warrior Preservation Trust has been to restore the ship, as near as possible, to her 1860s condition, and we want you to imagine that the ship's company has just gone ashore.

There are four vast decks to explore - all lovingly filled with Victorian artefacts to see - and often touch. You can have a taste of the fighting - there are guns big and small - and also get more than a glimpse of the domestic lives of the 700 men who lived on board. Everything is there, from Captain Cochrane's elegant cabin and the washing machines below to the humble sailor's personal possessions.

This internet tour will give you a feel for the ship and show something of what she has to offer. But to feel the real Warrior and to take in the sights and smells of a Victorian warship it really is necessary to make your way to Portsmouth and come aboard. We hope that this online experience will whet your appetite for the real thing. We look forward to welcoming you to HMS Warrior (1860).

Take your time - we want you to enjoy this very special ship

The Captain, HMS Warrior (1860)

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