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Exploring World Faiths


Day: Wednesday
Time: 10.00 am – 12 noon
Duration: 5 week Introductory Course
Start: 6th November 2019
Cost: FREE

Who is this course for?

Have you ever wondered what followers of Buddhism or Islam believe? Would you like to understand more about how Hindus worship? What are the main beliefs of Christianity?
Come and explore these major world faiths in an informative, inclusive course. You will be introduced to a range of resources to help you learn more about these faiths, what their followers believe in and what role their major festivals play.

The faiths covered on this introductory course will be:

  • Buddhism

  • Christianity

  • Hinduism

  • Islam

Entry requirements

No prior knowledge is necessary or assumed for this course, just an open mind and respect for each other’s beliefs. Students will be given some guidance on further reading for interest.
A follow on course may explore other world faiths, and build on what you have learned in this course.

Please phone us on 023 9258 3890 or via email
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