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At St Vincent College we offer Apprenticeship Programmes that develop industry specific skills. By combining work and training, our Apprentices develop vocational skills and essential knowledge. We support employers and their apprentices throughout the programme, to ensure maximum benefits for all. If you are interested in employing an Apprentice, we will work with you throughout the process and where possible, help you access any available funding.

Talk to a member of our Apprenticeship Department on 023 9260 3669 or email:

What is an Apprenticeship?


Apprenticeships are a great way to gain experience and qualification, getting paid while you learn. You can develop your practical skills and knowledge in the workplace and at College, and gain nationally recognised qualifications to enable you to succeed in your chosen career.

Types and Levels of Apprenticeship

St Vincent College currently offers two levels of Apprenticeships:

Level 2 or Intermediate Apprenticeships

Level 3 or Advanced Apprenticeships

Level 4 or Higher Apprenticeships

Some Apprenticeships will require you to start at Level 2, regardless of your previous qualifications; these tend to be skilled trades where you need to learn the basics skills before you can progress. Other Apprenticeships will allow you to go straight in at a higher level, providing you have appropriate qualification. All our Apprenticeships Course Sheets will explain what the entry criteria are for each Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship vacancies

 How long is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships have no set duration as the time taken will depend on the ability of the apprentice and the employer’s requirements. On average, an Intermediate Apprenticeship will take one year to complete, an Advanced Apprenticeship two years, but this can vary between industries. The requirements of the employer and the specific tasks the Apprentice carries out also have an effect on the length of the training.

What are the benefits?

There are lots of benefits in an Apprenticeship, key benefits include:

How to sign-up for an apprenticeship

All Apprenticeship programmes require you to be in a suitable job role, or ready to start employment. You must be over 16 years of age and live in England. If you are interested in applying for one of our Apprenticeship programmes you can complete the application form in the pack. If you are not in employment we can talk to you about ways we can help you to improve your skills and find a job. You can:
Talk to a member of our Apprenticeship Department on 023 9260 3669 or email:
Register with the National Apprenticeship Service who run an on-line vacancy service You can now apply for Apprenticeship vacancies on line using a system that lets you search for, view and then apply for Apprenticeships
Keep your CV up-to-date and research interview techniques
Start networking – talk to friends, family and contact companies who may be interested in employing you.  Use the local paper and internet to find out who is offering apprenticeships



Information Guide Employers Guide Application for Apprenticeships Form

Apprenticeship Framework

Overview by Area

The Apprenticeship Frameworks offered by St Vincent College are detailed below:


Business and Administration

This is suitable for anyone who is working or would like to work in a business administration environment. Job roles may include Officer Junior, Administrator or receptionist. Apprentices will receive the relevant training required to work in an administrative role within a wide range of business settings.

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Children and Young People’s Workforce

These Apprenticeships are designed to help Apprentices build the knowledge and skills needed when working with children and young people from birth to 19 years of age.They cover a diverse range of job roles and responsibility. lt will enable an Apprentice to go onto other childcare related courses and possibly progress into a management role or onto higher education study.

Childcare Level 2 – Full Description
Childcare Level 3 – Full Description


Customer Service

This Apprenticeship can be applied to hundreds of job roles across many different sectors. As a Customer Service Apprentice, they will be making sure that customers are dealt with in a positive, reliable and pleasant way, offering advice, answering questions or handling complaints. These are skills that will serve well in virtually any industry.

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A hairdressing Apprentice will work as a salon junior, assisting senior staff while training as junior stylist (Level 2). Advanced Apprentices (Level 3) develop their cutting and colouring skills so they can carry out all the latest fashion techniques. The Apprentice will need to look smart and have good communication skills to understand exactly what the customer wants in order to make them happy.

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Health and Social Care

The Apprenticeship covers a wide range of job roles in the health and social care fields. As an Apprentice you could work in a variety of fields including those who are elderly, have a learning disability or those with mental health issues. lt will enable the Apprentice to progress to other health and social care related courses and eventually they could choose a profession in nursing or midwifery or management roles in the care sector.

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Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

This Apprenticeship will prepare you for working within a school, supporting children to fulfil their potential. Throughout the Apprenticeship you will cover a range of topics including safeguarding, children’s development, communication with children, young and adults, and inclusion. The knowledge and understanding gained will provide you with a comprehensive vision of what this vital role means both in practical terms and academically. The knowledge and experience you gain throughout your Apprenticeship will contribute hugely to your employability, additionally, it may inspire you to progress your training further through a variety of routes.

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