Mathematical Studies (Core Maths)

Mathematical Studies (Core Maths)

Mathematical Studies (Core Maths)

Course outline:

Mathematical Studies leads on from GCSE maths and is for students who wish to develop their practical maths skills for the real world, be it in work, study or everyday life. This course will develop students’ ability to think mathematically and supports courses such as A-Level Psychology, Sciences and Geography as well as technical and vocational qualifications. The course is designed to be taken in addition to 3 A-Levels or a full BTEC or combined A-Level/BTEC programme.

Course Structure:

Core Content
• Analysis of data
• Maths for personal finance
• Estimation
• Critical analysis of given data and models

Statistical Techniques
• The normal distribution
• Probabilities and estimation
• Correlation and regression
Graphical Techniques
• Graphical methods
• Rates of change
• Exponential functions

Key Facts:

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    Examination Board


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    One year

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    Minimum entry requirements:

    Level 5 at GCSE Maths

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    Possible combinations:

    Supports a wide range of courses including Geography, Psychology and Science.

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    Skills developed:

    • Real life maths skills
    • Problem solving
    • Critical analysis

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    Likely next step opportunities:

    Further study or employment

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    Assessment summary:

    Two external examinations

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