Mathematics GCSE

Mathematics GCSE

Mathematics GCSE

Foundation and Higher Level 2

There are two courses available at Level 2.

GCSE (Higher)
This is for students who already have a grade 4 at GCSE Maths and want to improve it for future progression in to courses and employment which require a higher level of Maths skills.

GCSE (Foundation)
A one year course for students who have achieved a grade 3 at GCSE and whish to achieve a grade 5 and above. This includes 3 x 1.5 hour exams (1 x non-calculator and 2 x calculator)

Key Facts:

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    Examination Board


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    Grade 2 or below: One year, two sessions per week
    GCSE (Foundation):
    Grade 3 One year, three sessions per week
    GCSE (Higher):
    Grade 4 One year, two sessions per week

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    Skills developed:

    General ability with numbers, shape, space, statistics and algebra

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    Likely next step opportunities:

    • Level 3 courses
    • Higher Education
    • Employment

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    Assessment summary:

    Three external examinations.

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