Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The project develops and demonstrates your ability to independently plan and organise a research project, obtain and analyse relevant data or evidence, use and develop skills to achieve planned outcomes and to evaluate those outcomes at the end of the project. You will have one lesson per week and it carries up to 70 UCAS points if an A* is achieved.

Course structure and Assessment

(100% coursework)
Though the emphasis of the EPQ is on independent research and self-regulation, you will be assigned a mentor who will advise and assist you at each stage of the project.

In broad terms, the project will be organised and assessed like this:
• Initial planning meeting with your mentor
• Weekly target-setting meetings
• Submission of research topic and outline plan
• Mid project review with mentor
• End of project review with mentor
• Submission of research project and/or artefact
• Presentation of research project and/or artefact

The project should be 5000 words in length, or an equivalent artefact and written report combination. You might submit a 5000 word dissertation-style extended essay, but if you were conducting sociological research then an observation journal could count towards the word limit, a linguistic study might include a CD, an engineering project might include a model or construction, etc. All artefacts must be accompanied by a written report of at least 1000 words.

AO1 Manage your Project 20%
AO2 Use Resources in your Project 20%
AO3 Develop and Realise your Project 40%
AO4 Review your Project 20%

Key Facts:

  • +

    Examination Board


  • +


    One year

  • +

    Enrichment opportunities:

    • Independent research activities

  • +

    Skills developed:

    • Independent research and evidence analysis
    • Selection of data
    • Time management
    • Self-evaluation and reflection
    • Giving a presentation on a complex subject

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