BTEC Sports: Vaulting Display

BTEC Sports: Vaulting Display

BTEC Sports: Vaulting Display

17 Jan 2013

IN THE PICTURE: St Vincent BTEC Sport student Sammy Dowdell (17) takes part in a vaulting demonstration at the college, spotted by Jamie Jinkerson (19, left) and Lee Jones (20).

A vaulting display by BTEC Sports students at St Vincent College was the culmination of a unit of work which seeks to take the young people out of their ‘comfort zone’.

The second year level three class do a unit called Individual Practical Sport and the 20-minute show in front of staff and students is their final session.

Course teacher Phil Love, an experienced gymnast himself, chooses vaulting for a reason.

‘We do badminton, which is pretty easy, but vaulting is something very few students have ever done so it gets them out of their comfort zone,’

he said.

‘The students who performed have only been doing this for ten weeks, but it is amazing the progress they have made and also the team bond it has created.

‘This unit is an excellent preparation for university, as we have many students who come back to the college and say how useful it was for their higher studies.’

The Gosport College offers a range of sport courses and students leave to go to a variety of destinations including employment, the services and higher education.

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