Mathematics A Level

Mathematics A Level

Mathematics A Level

Course outline:

Building on the skills from GCSE, this course further develops algebraic skills and introduces new concepts from pure mathematics such as logarithms and calculus. It also provides the opportunity to study statistics and mechanics.

Course structure:

Pure Mathematics
• Proofs
• Algebra and Functions
• Coordinate Geometry in the (x, y) plane
• Sequences and series
• Trigonometry
• Exponential and natural logarithms
• Differentiation
• Integration
• Vectors
• Numerical Methods

• Statistical Sampling
• Data Representation and Interpretation
• Probability
• Statistical Distributions
• Statistical Hypothesis Testing

• Quantities and units in Mechanics
• Kinematics
• Forces and Newton’s Laws

• Moments
• Moments

Key Facts:

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    Examination Board


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    Two years

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    Minimum entry requirements:

    • Five GCSEs at Grades 4 – 9. Preferably one of which should be Mathematics at a Grade 7 or above.

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    Possible combinations:

    • Can combine with any other subjects especially with Science
    A-Level subjects

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    Enrichment opportunities:

    • Students have opportunities to attend conferences at Southampton University
    • The UK Senior Maths Challenge is offered each autumn term

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    Skills developed:

    • Investigation
    • Mathematical modelling
    • Problem-solving
    • Logical deduction and argument
    • Algebraic processing

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    Likely next step opportunities:

    • Mathematics-related Higher Education course (e.g. Mathematics, Engineering, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics)
    • Employment (e.g. banking, accountancy, insurance)

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    Assessment summary:

    Three external examinations

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