Music Performance BTEC Level 3

Music Performance BTEC Level 3

Music Performance BTEC Level 3

Course outline:

Do you have a passion for performing, composing and developing musical ideas? Do you wish to create a career based on your creative skills and passion for music?

This course is designed for those who have a desire to become professional musicians. We link up with local and national promoters to run a course which has the same expectations as industry professionals. The key aim of our music programme is to develop you as a performer and offer you as many real world music opportunities as possible.

Our students take pride in performing at professional music festivals, recording studios and radio stations. They have gained value added results in the top 10% of the UK.

We also have great ties with University programs and as part of your course we will look in depth at your next steps as a musician. Visits to University open days and performances. Guest speakers and workshops from current University students and facilitators.

Units and Course Structure:

Three Core Modules Studied over two years.
This will help you develop necessary skills to work in a wide range of music industry positions.

Unit 1 – Music Performance Brief
Learners will carry out a music performance and reflect on effectiveness of the performance in meeting the production plan. You will perform in a professional environment along-side top musicians.

Unit 2 – Practical Music Theory and Harmony
Learners develop knowledge and understanding of music theory and notation and how they can be applied to practice sessions.

Unit 3 – Professional Practice in the Music Industry
Learners explore what it is that makes someone a professional in the music industry and how to put forward a bid for work.

One Career Pathway Module studied in your second year.
Depending on your career intentions and personal preference you will have choice of which unit you wish to study:
Arranging Music, Composing, Music Promotion, Solo Performance, Ensemble Performance.

Guitar amps – 100+ Watt Fender and Vox
Microphones – Rode and Shure
Drum Kits – Pearl and Gretsch
Instruments – Fender and Gibson Guitars, Yamaha Pianos, plus many more.
Sound system – Professional Performance PA System.

Key Facts:

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    Examination Board


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    Certificate – one year
    Diploma – two years

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    Minimum entry requirements:

    • Five GCSEs at Level 4 – 9
    • Ability to play an instrument at equivalent of grade 4 or above.
    You will also participate in an audition process.

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    Possible combinations:

    AS or A Levels in:
    • Music
    • Music Technology
    • Performing Arts
    • Acting

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    Enrichment opportunities:

    • St Vincent Music Festival
    • Recording and vinyl Releaser
    • Radio Station visits
    • University visits

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    Skills developed:

    • Creative composition and arrangement
    • Listening and analysis skills
    • Performance and sight reading skills
    • Oral and written discussion
    • Research
    • Teamwork and independent work

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    Likely next step opportunities:

    • Higher Education courses in Music, Performing Arts or combined subjects
    • Music college
    • other degree courses

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    Assessment summary:

    All units assessed through portfolio Internally and Externally

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