Archaeology of Wessex

Archaeology of Wessex

Archaeology of Wessex

Roman Wessex

The Wessex area from the Roman invasion in 43 AD to the end of the Roman occupation in 410AD. Subjects of lessons are:
Invasion of Wessex area and early campaigns;
Early Buildings (Field Trip) ‐ Fishbourne Roman Palace and Angmering, West Sussex;
Religion and Ritual;
Military Might;
Towns ‐ Winchester, Chichester, Bath;
Villas ‐ large and small;
Trade industry and Roman roads;
Art and Literacy‐ the Togidubnus stone;
Visit to Bignor Roman Villa, West Sussex;
Visit to Portchester Castle.

What is the course about (aims)

Students will learn about the current thinking on the Romanisation process, and where they can see remains of the occupation‐ both buildings and artefacts.

Are there specific requirements for joining?

No prior knowledge is needed but a keen interest!

Will there be additional costs?

No, group admission to English Heritage sites is for free for educational purposes. Some transport costs can be shaved.

Do I need specific equipment or clothes?

Pen, paper and possibly a ruler, sensible outdoor clothing and footwear for field trips.

Course outline (outcomes)

Students will finish the course with an understanding of how deep the Romanisation process went and what lasting legacy remains from this dynamic period.

How will I learn?

From weekly class sessions, in which the tutor will introduce a specific topic, which will then include some student activity.

How will my progress be recorded?

Your tutor will work with you to assist in the completion of an Individual Learning Plan. This is a flexible working document agreed between the learner and the tutor. It will be used to record your progress and it will be reviewed and updated within the duration of the course.

Will there be homework?

If so how much/how many hours?
This is largely voluntary but some source searching may be encouraged by the tutor with feedback given in the next class.

What related courses could I do next?

This course is one of a series and also includes:
Pre-history of Wessex
Saxon Wessex
Medieval Buildings & Landscape

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Telephone Number: 023 9258 3890

Monday to Friday 9.00am-4.30pm
Tues/Weds/Thurs 5.30pm-8.30pm

Day/Time: Wednesday 7‐9pm
Duration: 10 Weeks
Starting: 10th January 2018
Cost: £90.00

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