Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Life Drawing

A study of the human body and still life using various media, such as pencil and charcoal. Also studying perspective work.

What is the course about (aims)

Learners will achieve various sketches based on studying the human body.

Are there any specific requirements for joining?

Some interest in art and basic drawing skills.

Do I need specific equipment or clothes?

A3 cartridge paper;
(can be supplied by Art Dept)
Good quality artists pencils in the soft range;
Coloured pencils;
Acrylic paints or watercolour paints ‐ optional.

Please wear clothing that you don’t mind getting messy.

Course outline (outcomes)

Learners will produce drawn sketches of the human body.

How will I learn?

By studying the human body and achieving new techniques by hand and, through practice, will improve sketching/drawing skills.

How will my progress be recorded?

Your tutor will work with you to assist in the completion of an Individual Learning Plan. This is a flexible working document agreed between the learner and the tutor. It will be used to record your progress and it will be reviewed and updated within the duration of the course.

Will there be homework?

Yes, the learners will be told to research various artists and their work to get a better understanding of the topic.

Days/Times: Thursday 7‐9pm
Duration: 5 Weeks
Starting: 14th June 2018
Cost: £45.00

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Start Date
Autumn Spring Summer
N/A N/A 14.06.18

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