Politics, Citizenship and Society

Politics, Citizenship and Society

Politics, Citizenship and Society

St Vincent College Certificate

Do you know your left from your right?
Do you want to apply for a place on the Access to HE Diploma and would benefit from studying a relevant subject at this level first?

What is the course about?

This course is part of our Elevate programme and can be taken as an individual course or alongside other courses in the programme. The course will address the broad philosophy of where political perspectives originate from, the nature of the government and some of the contemporary debates that shape politics today at a local and national level. It will introduce you to how Politics, Citizenship and Society is studied, key topics in the subject and the essential study skills in essay writing and researching a topic, which you will need in further study.

Topics covered may include:
Introduction: Ideology, Issues and Debates
“Am I bovvered?”: A rough guide to voting
Beyond left and right: Who are the parties and what do they stand for?
Where it all began: A bit of political philosophy
Big beasts: Politicians and the part they play(ed)
House of Cards: Inside the Palace of Westminster
United yet divided: Devolution
Issues of the day (1) Brexit
Issues of the day (2) Education, Crime, NHS or Work & Welfare*
Question Time: An End‐of‐Course debate

*Denotes that this week’s issues will be decided by a class vote

How will my progress be recorded?

Your tutor will work with you to assist in the completion of a Learner Progress Sheet. It will be used to record your progress and it will be reviewed and updated within the duration of the course.

Day/Times: Monday 10am‐12pm
Duration: 10 Weeks
Starting: 15th January 2018
Cost: FREE

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