Preparing to study

Preparing to study

Preparing to study

College Certificate


This short course is for learners who want to prepare to study for a qualification course. It is particularly useful for getting ready to take the Access to Higher Education Diploma.

What does this course cover?

Our College Certificate is designed to support you with planning and organising your study, assessing your current skills and learning goals, developing confidence in the classroom and working with other students who are planning to take further qualifications.
It includes short units on the following:
• Introduction to study: learning goals, skills assessment and time management
• Academic writing: including style, structure and referencing an academic assignment
• Research skills: including sources of information, note-taking, reading for information
• Critical and creative thinking skills
• Working in a group: including group roles, building positive working relationships, giving/receiving opinions
• Presentation skills: including planning and delivering a short presentation
• Numeracy, maths and handling data
• I.T skills for study and assignment preparation

Day: Fridays
Time: 10.00 am – 12.00 noon
Duration: 8 weeks
Starting: 10th May 2019
Cost: Free

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