Psychology is the study of ‘mind and behaviour’.

You will explore such questions as what makes people tick? How do our emotions influence our behaviour? How can psychological factors be measured and analysed? We all think and act in ways that are influenced by our psychological nature. Understand this, and you’re well on the way to more productive personal and business relationships. You’ll recognise motivations and thought processes, and be able to interact in ways that are appropriate and effective for each individual or group.

In this GCSE Psychology course, you’ll unlock those thought processes. You’ll look at personality development, and discover just how our attitudes and behaviours are shaped by our psychology. The importance of memory and the many non-verbal ways we communicate will be explored, along with the ways in which we often form opinions based on stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.
You’ll look at the ways we learn, and the impact social and peer influence has on our behaviour. You’ll also explore sex and gender issues, uncover the psychological basis of aggression, and delve into the ethics involved in working within this sensitive field. In addition, you’ll learn effective research methods, and discover just how human psychology can be investigated, recorded and analysed.

Assessment: This will be 100% examination.
Awarding Body: Edexcel

Equipment or Materials:
Please do not purchase any books, equipment or materials before this course commences. Your teacher will advise you what is required on your first evening.

Starting: September 2018
Cost: £249.00

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