Financial Support

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St. Vincent College seeks to help students from lower income households with the cost of going to college by helping to cover essential course related costs. The college can provide access to funds which students can use to purchase:

Discounted bus pass
Refund ferry tickets
Meal vouchers
Books and equipment
College trips
Exam Fees (where applicable)
Travel costs to Work Placement

Eligible students will be provided with a termly allocation of funds which the college will use to purchase the relevant above items.

If you are in Local Authority Care or, living independently or receive Disabled Support Allowance and Employment Support Allowance who will be eligible to a grant of £1200.00 a year.

If you need another application or require some information about how to apply please call our Office on 023 9260 3557 and a member of staff will be happy to assist you.

You can print off an application from the link below. We encourage you to complete and return your applications as soon as possible to enable funding to be allocated before the start of the academic year.

Travel Concessions

St Vincent Finance Support Scheme (16-19)

If you are entitled to a Bursary you can use the allowance to purchase a discounted bus pass.

St Vincent Financial Support Scheme (19+)

All students aged 19+ can who are eligible for financial support will receive a meal pass and £150.00 a term to spend on such things as travel, trips, fees etc.

The entitlement cannot be carried over to the next term, nor can it be redeemed for cash.

Other 16 – 19 students

All students may apply for a discounted bus pass. Students in receipt of financial support may use their funds to pay for a bus pass. Application forms are available from the Finance Office.

Students with Learning Difficulties may be eligible for free transport, subject to meeting Hampshire County Council’s SEN criteria. Please contact the Learning Support Unit for more information.

Portsmouth students will be eligible for free ferry tickets for the academic year.

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