This course is to designed to inspire and develop your enthusiasm for human biology whether you want to take this course for interest or whether you need it to support your future career. You will gain insight into current issues in human biology including stem cells, immunisation, heart disease, genetic manipulation and novel treatments. 

Students will learn key concepts of human biology that will enable you to understand the workings of the inner human body, including all body systems and the intricacies of homeostasis and how we stay alive. You will learn about small molecules like DNA to large body systems like the cardiovascular system.

Taking this course could open many doors in your future. If you dislike exams there is only one in the two years and the internal assessments are equally weighted to the external assessments. The content is all human biology based and applies the theory to real life situations such as antibiotic resistance, ECGs and heart disease as well as microbiology and infectious diseases such as Ebola, HIV and even Covid-19.

Course duration:

Two years.

Entry requirements:

English and Maths at grade 5 or above, And GCSE Science Grade 5 or above.

How students will learn:

Students will learn the topics through reading papers, dealing with data, dissections, design and implementation of experiments, problem solving, presentations, research and debates.


Written exams, course work, controlled assessment.

Student profile:

As a student you need to be keen to learn, dedicated to your studies, be able to revise independently and have a passion for human biology.

Enrichment opportunities:

Natural History Museum and Science Museum and Human Body Works.

Possible combinations:

Applied Science, Maths, Psychology, Environmental Science and Health and Social Care.

Progression routes:

University or Apprenticeships in Allied Health Professionals such as Nursing, Radiography, Occupational Therapy, as well as Biology or Science related courses.

Potential university courses:

Nursing, Biomedical Science, Midwifery.

Potential career paths:

Mental Health Nurse, Dental Nurse, Occupational Therapy.

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