At St Vincent we are proud of the historical maritime traditions which are linked with our name. The College has been pleased to work with the local community in Gosport and Portsmouth to bring some of the outstanding heritage attractions to the world wide web.

Our site was originally a French prisoner of war camp, during the Napoleonic wars, but then became a base for the Royal Marines and latterly a Royal Naval training establishment until it closed in the late 1960s.


HMS St Vincent Association

The college is delighted to host regular reunions of the HMS St Vincent Association, for former sailors who were billeted at the site

Battle of Cape St Vincent

HMS St Vincent took its name from the celebrated Battle of Cape St Vincent on February 14 1797, in which HMS Victory – more famous as Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar – was involved in a glorious victory over the Spanish.


Take the online tour of HMS Victory or HMS Warrior – and then visit the real ships yourself. Nothing can replace the actual visit – with the smell of tar and the whiff of polish!

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