Specialist Academic and Study Support


Specialist Academic and Study Support

At St Vincent we are committed to supporting our students so that they can achieve their full potential. Students are encouraged to self refer using the online appointment calendar or dropping into the Study Support area. Specialist workshops are available for students needing support with study skills, Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), Sensory Impairments or for learning difficulties experienced as a result of health conditions.

We also liaise with external agencies, including Physiotherapists, Educational Psychologists, HAS (Hampshire Autistic Society) and Specialist teachers and others, who make regular visits to support our students where need is identified.

Initial Screening

At enrolment all students undertake a screening which identifies and flags any areas where the SASS team can offer support. It may also highlight strengths. Any student identified who may benefit from accessing support will be provided with guidance and information about such services in a discreet and understanding manner. By identifying students’ individual needs and providing appropriate support we enable students to achieve their full potential.

Access Arrangements

Special Exam Arrangements can be made where appropriate for students who are entitled to these concessions. This can include extra time or a separate room in which to take your exam, a scribe and/or reader and use of laptops. If you have had such arrangements in school please contact the SASS team either by email sass@stvincent.ac.uk or telephone 023 92 603559 or come to the Student Support Area.

Support for particular learning difficulties

We value the diversity of our students and work to ensure that each individual need of our student body is met. You tell us what you need and we will arrange support for you on an individual basis.

We can arrange support for students with:
Physical difficulties
Medical conditions (including onsite College Nurse and specialist facilities and resources)
Other learning and support conditions not listed

Our provision is led by highly experienced and qualified staff who work
to ensure all aspects of each student’s learning experience is supported.

This may include:
One-to-one study sessions
Working with a nominated Key Worker
Learning Support Assistants in class
Note takers
Individual timetables
Access to an extensive range of learning resources and technologies relevant to your needs

For further details about the excellent Specialist Academic and Study Support available or to discuss your individual learning profile please contact the SASS team on 023 92 603559.


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