Monday 4:30–5:30pm only £3.00

Children can expect to participate in a number of different exercises such as mini circuits which will increase their overall fitness levels. Taking part in theses classes will help children lead a healthier lifestyle, increase their knowledge of exercises available for their age group and burn lots of unused energy.

Tuesday 4:30–6:30pm only £5.00

Children Rock Climbing Club
Children can expect to learn or improve their climbing techniques within this club, they will also get to play a variety of different games using the climbing wall. Therefore children will have mental and physical challenges helping towards a healthy lifestyle..

Saturday 10:30–11:30pm and 11.30 – 12.30 only

1 Hour £3.00 or 2 Hours £5.00

These sessions will be delivered in a fun, safe and inclusive environment and will mainly focus on fundamental movements such as running, throwing, kicking.

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Contact Us:

St Vincent Leisure centre
Mill lane, Gosport
Hants, PO12 4QA

Phone: 023 9260 3560

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