Music AS/A Level

Course outline:
If you play an instrument (or sing) to a good level (about Grade 3
or above) and you read music, this course is for you! AS music will
enable you to continue with the things you love and help you learn
more about composition and performance as well as finding out
more about all sorts of music. You will play as part of an ensemble
and on your own in concerts and recital evenings and you will have
the opportunity to take part in trips to see professional concerts
and maybe even go abroad! You will need to be organised and
well-motivated to succeed. Most importantly, you will need to be
keen to explore new skills and be enthusiastic about many different
types of music from classical and jazz to popular music.

Course structure:
AS Level
Unit 1 – Influences on Music will cover:
• Listening to both classical and popular music and understanding
how it works
• Learn how to analyse popular music in more depth
• Learning to identify important musical features and place music
in its social and historical context
• Learn about the coial importance of popular music
• Reading scores and analysing key features
Unit 2 – Composing: Creating Musical ideas will cover:
• Developing composition skills
• Creating and performing short pieces using traditional
harmonic techniques (chords, keys and cadences)
• Creating a longer piece in response to a chosen brief
Unit 3 – Performing: Interpreting Musical Ideas will cover:
• Performing as a soloist
• Performing as a member of a group
• Gaining confidence in performance through breathing,
visualisation and other preparatory techniques
A2 Year:
Unit 4 – Music in Context will cover:
• Listening to music from two areas of study and identifying key
• Study of scores and analysis of key features
• Preparing essays on the key features of a particular area of study
Unit 5 – Composing: Developing Musical Ideas will cover:
• Further development of compositional ideas
• Creation of an extended piece in response to a chosen brief
• Evaluation of the effectiveness of your own work
Unit 6 – Performing: A Musical Performance will cover:
• Further development of performance skills
• Developing a 10 – 15 minute solo recital


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