Social and Cultural Studies

Social and Cultural Studies is one of the college’s core Curriculum Areas with a staff of 14 and a highly committed team. We deliver a range of subjects and Pathway Programmes in the area. Subjects include; Classical Civilisation, History, The Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, Criminology, Sociology and Law, as well as Modern Foreign Languages, Health, Social and Child Care. Our main Pathway Programmes are; Pathway to Nursing & Midwifery, Pathway to Social Care & Work, Pathway to Childcare and CSI Pathway.
Subject teachers teach across a range of levels, from AS/A Level, BTEC Levels 2 & 3, GCSE and ABC (Level 1). All are skilled practitioners, many of whom have industry relevant experience and the majority are educated beyond post-graduate level.

In addition, staff offer a range of excellent enrichment opportunities, including local trips to Law Courts, the British Museum, the Sustainability Centre, Neasdon Temple, Kensington Temple, as well as trips to Italy, Greece and Japan. Activities are also arranged with local feeder schools aimed at years 7, 8 and 9.
There is a continued commitment to improving IT resources including the use of laptops and the newly-launched Moodle software on the VLE. All staff are encouraged to participate in regular training opportunities and most attend local curriculum network groups at pre- and post-16 to share good practice and keep abreast of changes in specialisations.

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