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The Student Union at St Vincent

St Vincent Student Union is a great opportunityto take part in college life, organises events, including the summer party. Everyone is welcome to come join in, so come and take part in the SVSU, your way to change and be part of the college community.

This is your chance to make yourself heard and influence the way the college develops. Universities and employers are invariably impressed by candidates with past membership of the Student Union because it shows commitment to your local community and helps develop your personal and social skills. The Union elects a number of officers to perform different functions.

The Chair and Vice-Chair usually go to meetings of the college’s governing body and have regular meetings with the Principal so they can convey students’ opinions to the people making the decisions about the college’s strategy. Other union officers liaise closely with other senior members of the college staff.

St Vincent College Student Union

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Take part in charity events, the Christmas revue and the summer ball

One of the most important events run by the union every year is Charities Day, with the focus event being the themed “Fun Run”. You can dress up and run or ‘amble’ through Gosport, down to the ferry and back again, collecting money through sponsorship for a charity nominated by the students. At Christmas the union organises our annual Revue, which gives staff and students a chance to show off their “talents”. In the summer the union organises the Summer Ball.

Take your place in society

We offer you the chance to take part in activities at college which will help you understand better the roles and responsibilities we have as members of society. This could be through discussions of topical issues in debates, or through a timetabled course, such as AS Critical Thinking.

The college has a commitment to preparing you for adult life and provides ample opportunity to take part in events which enable you to better understand the world around you.

Among the events the Student Union has hosted are:

a ‘question time’ debate before the last General Election and ‘Fair Trade fortnight’ in partnership with the Gosport Action Group, where visiting farmers gave talks about the experiences and offered sampling and tasting sessions.

The Student Union also hosts our local MP clinics which enables students to meet their local MP face to face.

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