T Levels Help Young People Become the Highly Skilled Workforce of the Future

Are you looking for a qualification to take you into higher education or skilled employment but don’t feel A Levels are right for you?
T Levels could be the answer.

T Levels are a respected technical alternative to A Levels. The two-year programme is equivalent to three A Levels and is designed by employers to give young people the skills industries need.

The biggest difference to A Levels is that part of the T Level course takes place away from the classroom and out in the world of work. You’ll spend a minimum of 315 hours on a work placement, doing a meaningful job where you can learn alongside people who are there to ensure you get the experience and skills you need to succeed.

All of the classroom learning is related to the job and designed to complement what you bring back from the workplace.

It’s a fast-track to progression and, just as important, becoming part of the team at a participating employer could put you in pole position for employment there.

Your final T Level grade is based on a mixture of course assessments and exams.

T Levels will also take you to university because a distinction will be equal to the same UCAS points as three A Levels.

There is a huge range of careers that provide a rapid route to employment for TLevel students, including IT and nursing.

It is a great choice for anyone with a good idea of what they want to do or, at the very least the industry they want their future career in.

From September 2023 Lighthouse Learning Trust will be offering the T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development, and Adult Nursing.

If students are keen on a career in IT but are unsure which direction that might be in, this qualification has many options within it, including IT support engineer, software, design, and development, all leading to highly skilled and well-paid jobs.  

The T Level in Adult Nursing is an effective route into a highly skilled role within the NHS, care home setting or private sector.

Employers love T Levels because, for the first time, they have had a hand in designing what students learn, which is important because they know what they need to be a success in their industry.

Come and talk to us about T Levels and what they can do for your career.

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