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College Certificate


September 2020

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What is the course about (aims)

Fred West, Ed Kemper, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer-some of the world’s most infamous serial killers. But how did trace evidence at the crime scene lead to their conviction? What was their MO? Why did they commit the crimes that they did? This course is designed for those with an interest in the application of forensic methods, crime, criminal justice, criminology and law. Previous experience is not essential. However, this is an ideal next step for those students who have completed the

Introduction to Forensics course. During the course, you will look at:

How will my progress be recorded?

Your tutor will work with you to assist in the completion of an Individual Learning Plan. This is a flexible working document agreed between the learner and the tutor. It will be used to record your progress and it will be reviewed and updated within the duration of the course.

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