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Introduction to Film Studies

Who is this course for?

This course is for those interested in learning about film as a significant art form.

What will I achieve?

You will start to learn how to analyse and talk critically about films with more confidence. You will also gain more appreciation for the films you enjoy, by thinking about how they have been made and what aspects have contributed to their success of failure.

For those of you who want to study this medium further, we will begin to use key critical terms and develop your debating and writing skills, in preparation for further courses you might like to take.

  • During the course we will look at:
    Begin to develop an appreciation of film as a creative medium
  • Begin to link technical and creative aspects of film
  • Begin to develop an appreciation of audience engagement in cinema at a local level

How will my progress be recorded?

Your tutor will work with you to complete a Learner Progress Form, this form will record your progress throughout the duration of the course.

Please phone us on 023 9258 3890 or via email
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