Exercise and Well Being


Why are exercise and wellbeing naturally linked? How  does one affect the other to provide a positive and balanced lifestyle?

This course will take you on an exercise and wellbeing journey, looking into exercise and how it helps the body physically and the mind emotionally. Exploring the different types of exercise and their benefits, wellbeing for body and mind and the importance of an exercise routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Subjects include:

  • What is exercise and the different types of exercise
  • Exploring wellbeing
  • Looking at wellbeing/exercise physically and emotionally
  • The benefits of exercise to create a healthy lifestyle
  • How to recognise when you are feeling balanced/off balance
  • Creating an exercise routine
  • Exploring an individual blend of healthy mind and healthy body

This course is designed as an introduction of how exercise and wellbeing can create a positive and healthy lifestyle.