Introduction to Britain’s Hidden Past

(Metal-Detectorists Help or Hindrance?)

Have you ever dreamed of discovering hidden treasure? Roman coins, perhaps, or a piece of ancient jewellery?

To many of us this may sound like an impossible dream, but in this lecture series I will reveal that, with a little determination and the bare minimum of equipment, the sky really is the limit to the discoveries that you can make.

Introducing you to the world of the amateur archaeologist and metal-detectorist who have made some of the most outstanding archaeological discoveries of our time, In this course I will reveal how you too can follow in their footsteps and embark on your own voyage into the past.

I will tell stories of real enthusiastic amateurs who made major and archaeologically important finds such as the Bronze Age Ringlemere Cup, the Winchester Iron Age jewellery hoard, and buried temple offerings to a previously unknown goddess. What emerges is the real ‘hidden treasures and tales from our mysterious past, shedding light on how our ancient ancestors really lived.

This course brings alive the world of ancient Britain, from the time of Bronze Age settlements through to Viking invasions, as each discovered artifact becomes a window into the past. Hopefully it will inspire you to uncover Britain’s past for yourself.


Who is the class for?

If you would like to get a better understanding to gain knowledge into Britain’s Hidden Past.


Courses Timings (durations)

10 week courses