Fine Art

level 3


This course focuses on building strong artistic skills within drawing, painting and printmaking. Experimentation is encouraged through practical lessons and gallery visits. Sketchbooks are used to record ideas and other artists’ work.

This course is ideal for students with a strong interest in drawing and painting and with a desire to progress into a creative arts career or higher education pathway.

Course duration: 

Two years

Entry requirements: 

Five GCSEs at grade 9-4. Must include grade 4 or above in GCSE Art.


Course work with externally set portfolio and 15 hour practical exam.

Possible combinations: 

Preferably combined with another creative A-Level course.

Potential university courses:

Illustration, Fine Art, Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking.

Potential career paths:

Gallery Worker, Illustrator, Animator, Freelance Artist.

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