Law and criminology




You will study to develop knowledge and understanding about the operation of the English legal system. You will also gain an understanding of the powers of police officers to arrest, detain and question those suspected of committing a criminal offence, and the rights of those suspects.You will also develop your knowledge and understanding about the different types of crime, how they are prosecuted and their relevant sentences. 


You will study issues relating to defining crime and deviance, different explanations of crime and the differences between the main sources of data on crime.  You will also gain an understanding of the criminal justice system, factors that influenced the way in which individuals experience the criminal justice system and how crime is linked to social aspects e.g. the media. 

Course duration: 

One year.

Entry requirements: 

Five GCSEs at Grade 2 or above. If you have not yet gained Grade 4 in English and/or Maths, this will form part of your programme.

Possible combinations: 

Can be studied as part of a vocational programme or alongside English and Maths GCSEs.

Progression routes: 

You must achieve a Pass in Law and also Grade 4s in your other areas to progress to the next level. Subjects you may take at Level 3 could include; Sociology, Law, Criminology and Psychology 

Please note: 

This course is not an automatic route to Level 3, but may be used as an indicator as to your future suitability to a Level 3 programme.

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