Vocational Studies



If you have left or are leaving school and are still unsure of your career path, this course maybe for you. 

The Vocational Studies course lets you choose 3 from the following options 

  • Sport 
  • Health & Social Care 
  • IT/Digital Media 
  • Hospitality & Catering 
  • Retail 
  • Construction 

You will have the opportunity to investigate these industries to help you form a better idea of which career route you would wish to explore more. Alongside these options you will also gain valuable Work skills and carry out Enterprise activities.

Course duration: 

One year

Entry requirements: 

No minimum entry requirement. If you have not yet gained Grade 4 in English and/or Maths, this will form a mandatory  part of your programme. 

What students will learn:

The course is in unit form and you will be expected to complete all the  units for the full qualification. Examples of some of the units you may be studyIng are:

  • Health & Social Care – Child Minding  
  • Retail – Understanding the Retail Sector 
  • Sport – Taking Part in a Sporting Activity 
  • IT – Gaming Creative Media  
  • Hospitality – Food Preparation and cooking 
  • Multi Trades
  • Health & Safety in Construction 
  • Carpentry Hand Skills  

Progression routes: 

To progress onto further study of one of your options.

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