Course Description

This course is assessed by two, 1¾ hour exams in the summer. These require you to demonstrate your reading and writing skills and your ability to understand language and its effects. This will be marked on the new 1 – 9 Grade system with a Level 4 currently being a pass grade. 


You will acquire skills in finding implicit and explicit information from texts and develop the ability to critically evaluate pieces of writing. You will also explore why writers use particular language, and what effect this has on your reading of a text. 


You will expand your writing skills to enable you to write accurately, paying  attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar. You will write essays with a particular audience and purpose, and develop your ability to write descriptively. 

If you wish to study this course as an adult student, please contact info@stvincent.ac.uk

Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing. 

  • Worth 50% of your overall mark
  • Begins with short answer questions testing your reading skills and leads up to a longer piece of creative writing. The tasks for writing will be on a similar theme to the reading section of the exam, for example you may be asked to write a descriptive story based on a given image.

Paper 2: Writer’s Viewpoints and perspectives. 

  • Worth 50% of your overall mark
  • This paper develops the skills from paper 1. It also begins with a short answer question and leads to a writing task. Here you will have to produce a piece of non-fiction writing giving your own perspective on a similar theme to the reading section, for example you may have to write a newspaper report based on a statement given to you in the exam.

Speaking and Listening: for those students who have not sat this exam previously 

  • Marked by teacher
  • Separate endorsement
  • Presentation in front of a small group
One year

You will develop your ability to draw inference and meanings from texts, and develop your ability to describe how a writer creates meaning in a text and what that might mean. You will also have the opportunity to develop your creative writing skills for fiction and non-fiction texts.

Grade in GCSE English Language.

Assessed by exams ( Paper 1 and Paper 2).

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