This course will ensure that students can read fluently: identifying and interpreting themes, ideas and information in a range of literature and other high-quality writing. 

Students will learn to write effectively for different purposes and audiences: to describe, narrate, explain, instruct, give and respond to information, and argue; selecting vocabulary, grammar, form, and structural and organisational features judiciously to reflect audience, purpose and context; using language imaginatively and creatively.

Students will be able to demonstrate a confident control of Standard English and write grammatically correct sentences, deploying figurative language and analysing texts. They will also develop their understanding of narrative writing and extended writing.

Students are required to take this course if they have not achieved a 4 previously in English GCSE.

Course duration:

One year.

Entry requirements:

Level 2 Functional Skills English qualification or a 3 in GCSE English.

What students will learn:

Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing, looking at how writers use narrative and descriptive techniques to engage the interest of readers. Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives, looking at how different writers present a similar topic over time.


Written exams.

Possible combinations:

This course can be taken alongside any other course.

Progression routes:

Students can progress to Level 3 once they have achieved a Grade 4 or above.

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