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English Language and Literature

A Level

English Language and Literature ST Vincent College

Course Description

If you are passionate about the creation of Literature and the complexity of the English language, this combined course will help you discover and learn how to create and critique a wide range of texts. You’ll develop in-depth analytical skills that explore the way texts relate to each other and the historical and social context in which they are produced and received. You will be expected to undertake independent studies to develop skills as producers and interpreters of language. You will study six set texts from genres such as prose fiction, poetry and drama.

AS Level Paper 1 – Imagined worlds and Poetic Voices 

For this component, you will study Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale and  the poems of Carol Ann Duffy. 

AS Level Paper 1 – People and places 

For this component, you will study an Anthology of various texts, poems, articles and spoken language. You will also do your own piece of creative writing, using the style of one of the genres studied 

Each paper is 50% of your AS Level 

For your A level in the second year there will be some new texts and ideas introduced and you will study 

A Level Paper 1 – Telling Stories 

For this component, you will revisit the AnthologyThe Handmaid’s tale and Carol Ann Duffy and look in depth at the language choices the writers have made. The exam is a mix of closed and open book questions, and you will focus on analysing writers’ language choices.  

A Level Paper 2 – Exploring Conflict 

For this component, you will look at two new texts; Shakespeare’s Othello, a tragedy exploring love, race, society and jealousy and Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, set during the Afghanistan war. You will sit an open book exam including a piece of your own creative writing.  

Each paper is 40% your A level. The other 20% is made up of your coursework.  

Coursework– Non-examination Assessment 

This allows you to demonstrate your skill as a writer, crafting your own original texts for different audiences and purposes. 

Two years

Writing and editing skills. 

Reading analytically.

Can be combined with most A-Levels and vocational courses.

  • Higher Education for degree courses in English and other subjects
  • Career opportunities in advertising, print media, journalism, business, law

Five or more equivalent GCSEs Grades 4 – 9 which must include English Language and English Literature at Grade 5 or above.

AS Level – Two exams – each is 1.5 hours,

A Level-  Two exams – one is 3 hours and one is 2.5 hours.

One non-examination assessment, comprising two pieces of creative writing and one analytical commentary.


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