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Health and Social Care

Level 2

Course Description

This is a one year course that will help you to gain knowledge, understanding and competency needed when considering employment in the Health, Social and Care sectors.

You will have the opportunity to apply theory to practice during work placement. You will be expected to produce a portfolio of evidence which reflects your knowledge and understanding of the units studied. 

Externally assessed exams: 

Principles of Working in Health & Social Care– Externally assessed 

This unit covers eight different sections all linked to Health and Social Care including anatomy and physiology, communication, duty of care, safeguarding and person-centred approach.   

Health and Safety – Externally assessed 

You will learn about how to uphold your own safety and the service user’s safety in a health or social care environment and your skills will also explore issues related to legislation, risk assessments and the actions that are necessary to minimise potential hazards and risks. 

Safeguarding – Internally assessed 

This unit will teach you how to identify signs of abuse and/or neglect, it will enable you to understand the correct procedures for reporting any concerns and the correct people to report to. Further topics include whistleblowing, case studies, identification and complexities of reporting abuse.  

Working in a Person-Centred Way– Internally assessed 

By completing this unit you will develop a good understanding of how to put a service user at the centre of the care they receive. It will allow you to understand how a service user can be involved in all aspects of their care. Furthermore, you will learn and grasp the importance of Equality and Inclusion in health and care settings and why it underpins behaviours and attitudes in the sector. 

Additional Information: 

You will be required to complete one weeks work experience. 

OCR Cambridge Technical  

One year
  • Communication, oral and written
  • Understand the importance of safeguarding
  • The principles of the care value base and person-centred care
  • Exam skills 
  • An understanding of health conditions and the human body 
  • A good insight in Duty of Care and how it applies to all aspects of Health and Social Care  

Level 2 Health enables you if needed to resit Maths and English qualifications to obtain a grade 4. If you have achieved math or English, you can choose a second Level 2 course.

  • All students have access to our work placement programme
  • Visiting lecturers and professionals with specific knowledge in this field of work
  • First Aid training/AED Training/Health & Safety/Mental & Wellbeing enrichment

You must pass Level 2 course, produce a high standard of portfolio of coursework plus relevant Maths and/or English qualifications to progress. You could progress onto one of our Level 3 Pathway programmes. BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care (single or triple courses). Employment in the Health and Social Care sectors.

You should be able to show that you have a standard of literacy, numeracy and general education equivalent to five GCSEs at Grade 2 or above.

50% externally assessed exam  

50% internally assessed coursework 

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