The Functional Skills Mathematics course will enable the student to gain confidence and fluency in Mathematics along with a new and positive attitude towards the subject that they have yet to gain a significant grade or qualification in. Students will convey their confidence in using Mathematics by demonstrating a sound grasp of Mathematical knowledge and skills and apply it to solve Mathematical problems.

Course duration:

One year.

Entry requirements:

There are no entry requirments.

What students will learn:

Students will be able to work out simple relationships between common units of measurement to define quantities, also involving mathematical terms for position and direction. Students will learn to apply and use calculations with common measures including money, time, length, weight and capacity. 

Learners at Level 2 will learn how to handle relationships between measurements of various kinds, use angles and coordinates when involving position and direction and make use of geometric properties in calculations with 2-D and 3-D shapes and understand the relationships between them.


Written exams.

Student profile:

Students without a qualification in Mathematics.

Possible combinations:

Any combination.

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