Mathematics GCSE Course St Vincent College

Course Description

There are two courses available at Level 2. 

GCSE (Higher) 

This is for students who already have a grade 4 at GCSE Maths and want to improve it for future progression on to courses and employment which require a higher level of Maths skills. 

GCSE (Foundation) 

A one-year course for students who have achieved a grade 3 at GCSE and need to achieve at least a grade 4.

If you wish to Maths GCSE as an adult student, please contact

Groundwork number, geometry, algebra, and statistics are studied in the first half-term, followed by a more in-depth study of these topics for the rest of the year. November resit exams are possible, with the results being given in January. Exams are held at the end of the year.

Pearson Edexcel 1 year course.

GCSE (Foundation): 

Grade 3: One year, three sessions per week.

GCSE (Higher): 

Grade 4: One year, three sessions per week.

General ability with numbers, shape, space, statistics and algebra. 

  • Level 3 courses
  • Higher Education
  • Employment

Level 3 in GCSE or a Level 2 qualification in Functional Skills maths. 

Three external examinations. 

3 x 1.5 hour exams (1 x non-calculator and 2 x calculator).

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