This course will help learners to develop confidence in, and a positive attitude towards, mathematics and to recognise the importance and relevance of mathematics to their everyday lives and to society. This course will enable learners to appreciate the coherence, creativity, elegance and power of mathematics.

Course duration:

One year.

Entry requirements:

Functional Skills Level 2 or a 3 in GCSE Maths.

What students will learn:

Students will develop problem solving skills, generate strategies to solve problems that are unfamiliar and answer questions that span more than one topic area of the curriculum. Students will be able to make mental calculations and calculations without the aid of a calculator, make estimates, understand 3-D shapes, use computers and other technological aids, collect data, and understand and use the statistical problem solving cycle.


Written exams.

Student profile:

Students are required to take this course if they do not already have a level 4 in GCSE maths.

Possible combinations:

Any combination.

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