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Media Studies A Level


Media Studies

A Level

Course Description

We are constantly surrounded by film, TV, newspapers, magazines, advertising and numerous other forms of media which can have a profound impact on the way we view the world. This course will encourage you to look beneath the surface and consider how media products are constructed in order to create a certain message or affect their audiences in particular ways. You will be able to explore these issues both through theory and in practical tasks.

The course will enable you study media products produced by a range of organisations from multinational media conglomerates to small independent producers, and consider how these production contexts influence the products made. You will consider how different audiences are targeted by the media, as well as how different social groups are represented within the media and what impact that has on our society. You will learn how to analyse media products in a range of genres through a variety of theoretical perspectives that will open your eyes to the way the media affects our lives.

Component 1
Media products, industries and audiences (Exam – 35%)
Print posters, films, video games, radio and music videos studied
in relation to the theoretical framework.

Component 2
Media Products and forms in depth (Exam – 35%)
Three media forms studied in-depth in relation to the theoretical

Component 3
Cross-media production (Non Exam Assessment – 30%)
Individual cross-media production in two forms

A2 – Two years

Five GCSEs Grades 4 – 9 which must include English Language at Grade 5.

• Can be taken with Media Studies and Photography to create a creative and Media learning programme.
• Combines well with other humanities and arts subjects but can be taken as part of a varied A-Level programme with any subject.
• With BTEC/OCR nationals.

• Volunteer at The Ritz @ St Vincent, our on-site community cinema!
• Residential trip to London to visit the BBFC, BFI Southbank and IMAX, Cinema Museum and see a TV show being recorded.
• Multiplex and Art House cinema visits.
• Take part in the annual 48 hour film challenge with the college’s award winning team.
• Opportunities to develop practical skills through community film making projects.

Higher Education for degree courses in Media Studies and other subjects including marketing and business opportunities in advertising, print media, journalism, business, law, television, film, radio and media apprenticeships.

Assessed by a mixture of external examinations and coursework

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