Music Performance

BTEC Level 3 and 2

Course Description

Do you have a passion for music? Do you want to study music at level 3, but you didn’t get the grades needed? Don’t worry, St Vincent College music department can help you progress to the next stage, with our dedicated level 2 music programme.  

You will be part of a thriving music department which offers student’s performance opportunities at major festivals, local venues and alongside professional promoters.  

The qualification focuses on introducing key areas such as music performance, composition, recording, the music industry and organising a music product. 

Unit 1: 

The Music Industry – this unit provides an overview of the industry, particularly focusing on the shape of the modern industry and covering the emergence of the role of the self-employed producer, performer and promoter. 

Unit 2: 

Managing a Music Product – this unit covers essential areas for progression, looking at the development of a music product. As well as providing a vehicle for demonstrating skills and learning, it also introduces the role of planning and promotion in the management of a music product. Learners can base their work on a live concert, event, CD, or online product, providing opportunities for both music performers and technologists. 

Unit 8: 

Music and Production Analysis – this unit develops learners’ ability to listen critically, which is key for those working in the music industry. Learners will have the opportunity to explore through critical listening the features of musical styles, genres and production techniques used in music. 

Throughout the course you will develop the necessary skills to progress onto the Level 3 programme. 

One year

Level 3 Performing Arts, A-Level Photography, Level 3 Business, A-Level Film and Digital Arts.

  • St Vincent Music Festival 
  • Recording 
  • Concerts and Festivals 
  • Radio Station visits 
  • University visits 
  • Numerous performance opportunities 
  • Studio visits 
  • Performing as a band 
  • Research and understanding of the recording process 
  • Teamwork, organisation and musical development. 

Level 3 BTEC Music Performance & Music Technology (Production). Intensive music
programme. Other Level 3  programmes.

Level 3: Five GCSEs at Grades 4 and above. Ability to play an instrument or sing would be
an advantage.

Level 2: Five GCSEs at Grades 2 and above. Ability to play an instrument or sing would be
an advantage.

Coursework, practical assessments and concerts.

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