Course Description

Biology is the study of living things. This means that the subject is as diverse as the living world itself. The course encompasses study of viruses and bacteria, plants and animals, but concentrates mainly on human systems. 

The topics studied include: 

  • Cell biology 
  • Transport systems in plants and animals including Photosynthesis
  • Coordination and control in plants and animals 
  • Health, disease and the development of medicine 
  • Human effects on the environment and ecosystems 

Biology GCSE is a qualification that is highly regarded by employers’ and it is an excellent preparation for many careers such as nurse, technician and agricultural work. If you are considering teaching as a career, Biology GCSE fulfils the requirements for a science qualification at GCSE. 

The course provides a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. It encourages learners to develop confidence in, and a positive attitude towards, science and to recognise its importance in their own lives and to society.  

Practical work is an intrinsic part of this specification. It is vitally important in developing a conceptual understanding of many topics and it enhances the experience and enjoyment of science. The practical skills developed are also fundamentally important to learners going on to further study in science and related subjects, and are transferable to many careers.

We follow the New WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1) syllabus. 

One year

  • Communication and scientific information
  • Data analysis
  • Management of individual work
  • Practical skills
  • Problem-solving

Level 3 Sciences, apprenticeships
or employment.

Your final grade will depend on two written examinations.  

Concepts in Biology” is the first exam and is 2 hours 15 minutes long and worth 75% of the final grade. The exam is a mix of short answer questions, structured questions, extended writing and data response questions, with some set in a practical context. 
The second exam “Applications in Biology” is 1 hour 15 minutes long and worth 25% of the final grade. It is split into two sections, the first a mix of short answer questions, structured questions, extended writing and data response questions, all set in a practical context. In the second section a resource booklet, containing an unseen article, will provide the basis for a mix of short answer questions, structured questions and data response questions.

Five GCSEs grade 2-9.

Please do not purchase any books, equipment or materials before this course commences. Your teacher will advise you what is required on your first evening. 

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