This course is about biology, the study of living things. This means that the subject is as diverse as the living world itself. The course encompasses the study of viruses, bacteria, plants, animals and humans. It concentrates on human body systems and inheritance and reproduction.

Biology GCSE is a highly regarded qualification. Employers and Education institutions know it is an excellent course to prepare for work in careers such as nursing, lab technician, microbiology, agricultural work. If you are considering teaching as a career GSCE Biology fulfils the GCSE science requirement.

Course duration:

One year.

Entry requirements:

Five GCSE grade 3 or above.

How students will learn:

Students will develop self confidence in science and a positive attitude towards it recognising the importance of science in our everyday lives and society. Practical skills will be learned as it is an intrinsic part of our course. Skills are developed that learners may transfer to employment in many different possible careers.


Written exams.

Student profile:

Students with a positive attitude, curiosity, willingness to learn and study should apply.

Enrichment opportunities:

Life Labs Southampton, Natural History Museum/ Science Museum and Body Works.

Possible combinations:

Level 2 provision such as Health and Social Care, GCSE Maths or English.

Progression routes:

Level 3 Science Subjects or or ultimately on to a PGCE with a relevant degree.

Potential university courses:

Teaching, Nursing, Biomedical Science.

Potential career paths:

Midwifery, Microbiologist, Environmental Scientist.

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