This qualification will allow students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to deliver sport and physical activity to an individual or group of participants, plus identify those who would benefit most from participation; select which sport or physical activity would be best for them, and how to organise, coordinate and facilitate different events or programmes of activity that allow people to actively engage in and enjoy sport and physical activity. This can be in a more ‘office-based’ role such as a Sport Development Officer or Community Sport Officer who is responsible for organising events, obtaining funding to run events, identifying target groups, supporting the recruitment of staff and volunteers to run events and activities and ensuring the sustainability of sport and physical activity. Or it can be in a more ‘field-based’ role such as a Senior Sports Coach or Senior Activity Leader responsible for delivering sport and physical activities, as well as co-ordinating the activities of other coaches and activity leaders and promoting the benefits of participation and leading a healthy lifestyle to schools, community groups and/or other target groups.

Students will develop their knowledge of a wide range of sport and physical activity topics, from anatomy and physiology to psychology, from fitness to sports participation, to event planning to working in leisure facilities.

Course duration:

Two years.

Entry requirements:

Five GCSEs at Grade 4 and above. English or Maths at Grade 4 must be achieved.

How students will learn:

Mixture of theory and practical sessions.


Written exams, oral exams, course work.

Student profile:

Someone who loves sport, fitness and being active and has a passion for learning more about how the body works and the influence of different factors on an individual’s sport and physical activity participation.

Enrichment opportunities:

Trip to New York City, NCS, weekly fixtures for Netball and Football Teams.

Possible combinations:

Netball and Football academy, GBFC Centre of Excellence, Maths/English GCSE if required.

Progression routes:

University, career in sport/leisure.

Potential university courses:

Sport and PE Coaching, Sport Therapy, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, Sport and Exercise Science.

Potential career paths:

Personal Trainer, PE Teacher, Sports Coach, Outdoor Adventurous Activities Instructor, Leisure Centre Manager, Sport Development Officer, Sports Therapist.

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