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Students were told that employers are looking for future managers and leaders who have a willingness and ability to solve problems, who take the initiative, think creatively and who work with others to improve instead of giving up.

With this in mind, the students were then given an opportunity to work with a local business through a live client brief, enabling them to develop these skills whilst achieving their qualification.

The Lounge is a newly-opened hair and beauty salon in Fareham town centre and students were tasked with researching the business, its demographics and then producing marketing materials with this and the company brand in mind.

Students were asked to formally pitch their ideas for the business to its owners, with an opportunity for some to implement their work in future marketing for The Lounge.


Carlene Reed, a business teacher, explained how beneficial live client briefs can be for students.

‘Client briefs allow students to complete their qualification in a live vocational context. It provides students with real business experience whilst giving them a chance to develop communications skills and teamwork.

‘There will always be a problem that needs solving in a project like this and this gives students the chance to make their own choices, be creative and be really proud of their end result.

‘The students learn so much from it; it is a real privilege to help nurture this young business talent.’


Caron Butcher, owner and salon manager of The Lounge, said, ‘I was so impressed with the students’ commitment to completing this task. It was clear how hard they had worked on their projects and it was really fun working with them and seeing their creative ideas.

‘As a result we will certainly be adapting some of our new marketing campaigns. I’m really grateful to St Vincent College for this initiative.’

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