Work Placements


It is the plan that all students at St Vincent College will be offered some form of work experience or employer engagement. This may be in the form of employer visits, students visiting employers or traditional work experience.

The School of Personalised Learning (SPL) aims to offer each student a form of work experience. This may be in a group or, if the student is able, to work with initial support which will hopefully gradually be withdrawn.


These groups offer students the opportunity to learn the skills used and needed when they go to work.

This may be CV writing, applying for work when advertised, speculative letters (emails) and also soft skills like body language, communication skills, appearance and working with other people.

It is the aim that these students will also complete work experience.


The college offer a supported internship programme where the students attend college for two days a week and then aim to attend a work experience placement for the other two days. These students may have support from a job coach at the start of their placement but the intention is the student will be able to work independently and the initial support withdrawn. The students will still be supported by the college but to a lesser degree. Occasional visits to the work placement support, and guidance when at college to help them at work. For example they may need help with money skills or time keeping.


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