Student Support

How Can We Help?

The college continues to develop its ethos of inclusiveness and also to comply with all the legislation regarding disability and discrimination.
We aim not only to meet the needs of individuals, but also to anticipate those needs. These aims are adhered to throughout all aspects of college life from enquiry to admission and enrolment and finally to moving on from college.

At St Vincent we want all our students to enjoy their courses and succeed to the very best of their ability. We aim to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable to ask for any help you may need. One of the keys to success is knowing how well you are doing at different stages in your course and setting targets with your teachers.

Tutoring and Review of Progress

Each student will have a nominated Tutor who they will meet at least once a week. During your college career your Tutor will be involved in evaluating your progress and setting targets to help you achieve your full potential. You will collaborate closely with your subject teachers in the drafting of what we call your Reviews of Progress. They will include a grade to reflect your current performance and a target grade for you to aim for.

Welfare: Mental Health & well-being and Looked after Children support


Supporting students with Mental Health, Medical or emotional barriers access learning, whilst developing the life skills to progress.

For more information on how we support our students email:
Karen Murray-Gow – Mental Health & Well-being Lead –

For Parents and Carers
Parents and carers are sent a Guide at the start of the academic year. This guide gives detailed information about the college and who to contact if you have any questions or need to let us know something about your son or daughter. The college keeps in touch with you in various ways:

We welcome parent/carer liaison so please feel free to contact us on 023 9258 8311 should you have any queries.

Study Skills

Many of the skills you need will be taught through your subjects. For example if you are required to write essays your subject teachers will tell you how to do so for that particular subject.

However, you may find that you need extra help. Your teacher can help you to book extra sessions with a specialist teacher in a study workshop for things such as:

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