The History of Gosport: Parts 1 & 2


Gosport, situated opposite Portsmouth on the western side of the harbour, has a proud maritime heritage and this is reflected in its magnificent harbour setting with its rich array of boats and ships, in the important naval and military establishments, and in the land and sea forts, benign now but once so threatening to foreign invaders.

However despite its long history of over 1,000 years, Gosport today is still too many of its inhabitants, in essence, the ‘little village of Fisschar men’ as the Tudor historian John Leyland described it when he passed through Gosport over four hundred years ago. Even with a population of over 84,000 today, the town still manages to preserve something of a village atmosphere and its citizens have retained, to this day, what has been engagingly described as their ‘fierce local patriotism’.

These two five-week courses are not meant to be a chronological study, as students will be interested in different aspects of Gosport and its past.

No prior knowledge is necessary, just an interest in their town’s history and its development.


2 x 5 weeks