Your Timetable


Our 9:00am start time is designed to maximise student learning and is based on research into the functions of the teenage brain* which has proven that if students are allowed to start learning later in the morning, they’ll be:


  • More focused during the day
  • More alert and ready to learn
  • Less likely to be late to (or absent from) college

Our timetable has received a positive response from school pupils and their families and will provide students with the opportunity to safely travel to college each day via the numerous local bus services.

Students will also be able to take advantage of our new enrichment activities programme with those learners planning to progress to University able to join our prestigious Aspire Programme in addition to the other fantastic opportunities available at our college.

For school pupils who have yet to apply, places are still available on some courses so apply today and you can be one of the first cohort of students to benefit from our new timetable initiative.

*Research report in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and The Teenage Brain by Dr Frances E Jenson