Course Description

The BTEC Applied Psychology will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed for a career in psychology and mental health.  

In year 1, you will study four key approaches in psychology, and apply these approaches to issues relevant to contemporary society, including topics such as gender, aggression and consumer behaviour. You will also learn how to plan, conduct and analyse your own research project, and will develop your understanding of psychology as a science. 

In year 2, the Health Psychology unit will introduce you to topics of stress, addiction, and health behaviours, and develop your understanding of the factors motivating peoples’ health choices.The unit on psychopathology will examine approaches to defining mental illness, characteristics of mental health disorders, and a range of treatments used by mental health professionals.  

Unit 1: Psychological Approaches and Applications (exam – 1.5 hours) 

Unit 2: Conducting Psychological Research (coursework) 

Unit 3: Health Psychology (exam – 2 hours) 

Unit 6: Introduction to Health Psychology (coursework) 

Two years (equivalent to an A-Level).

Written and verbal communication, presentation skills, interpersonal skills. 

Critical thinking, including interpretation and evaluation of psychological theories.  

Self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and personal development. 

This course works well with many other subjects, including Health and Social Care, Criminology, Biology, Law and Sociology.

Event days at local Universities, visiting lecturers and professionals from the field of psychology and mental health.

Preparation for employment or higher education in psychology, mental health, counselling, or social work. 

You should be able to show that you have a standard of literacy, numeracy and general education equivalent to five GCSEs grade 4 – 9 including English; Maths GCSE grade 4 is preferable.

50% Coursework 

50% Exam 

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